Lluta Valley

Lluta Valley

Information about Lluta Valley

It is located 10 km north of Arica and born by the river of the same name, which carries its waters to the sea throughout the year. There geoglyphs large, on the slopes of the right side of the hills that are part of the valley

It is the gateway to the provinces and General Parinacota in Highland Lakes, and the way international Arica-La Paz (Bolivia). Leaving the city of Arica to the north, at the mouth of the river is a bridge Lluta (Chaco-Lluta in Aymara) and a roundabout with the turn towards the highlands.

The road goes along the river that crosses the Lluta two bridges until we arrive to the small town of Poconchile.

In its entry can be adorned with numerous hills geoglyphs because the valley was populated by Indians from the earliest times, we must remember that one of the natural outlets of the plateau towards the sea.

As we placed in the road, the gorge is closed and then begins to climb a steep slope which gives spectacular views down the valley.

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