Geoglyphs of Cerro Sagrado

Geoglyphs of Cerro Sagrado

Information about Geoglyphs of Cerro Sagrado

Direccion: Valle de Azapa - See on the Map

These Geoglyphs are of high archaeological value, which has geoglyphs located in the sector called pampa Alto Ramírez, with a date of at least 600 years.
  The slope facing the valley presents a geoglyph made by the accumulation of dark stones on the lighter background of the hill. It presents great human figures, camelids, snakes and lizards visible at a great distance.

About 2.5 kilometers north of the hill, next to the river, were the remains of the Inka village of Pampa Alto Ramírez. It consisted of 30 houses of light material, small corrals for llamas, large underground cellars, a cemetery, fields and two slopes that irrigated the fields and provided the vital element to some 200 inhabitants.

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