Parinacota volcano

Parinacota volcano.  Arica - CHILE
Parinacota volcano.  Arica - CHILE
Parinacota volcano.  Arica - CHILE

Parinacota volcano. Arica - CHILE

Direccion: Entre la frontera de Chile y Bolivia

The Parinacota volcano with its 6342 meters of altitude is typical of the Atacama Desert. Located at I region of Chile, west of Arica and into the Lauca National Park, in the Chilean Altiplano - Bolivia. Along with Pomerape form the Nevados de Payachatas gods for the inhabitants of the highlands.

His approach allows us to know places as beautiful as the legendary town of Parinacota, known for its beautiful old church, and Lake Chungara at 4,500 meters of altitude, which among its wildlife can find the Tagua-Tagua, Chinchillas, Vizcachas, vicunas birds and pink flamingos that adorn the lake with its beautiful plumage. Wildlife is scarce but there is one of the greatest charms of the desert. From 5200 meters begins a glacier that reaches the summit, crowned with a crater 300 meters in diameter, which allegedly erupted about 16,000 years ago covering all what is now the village of Parinacota.

To reach the summit of Parinacota have to climb a glacier that extends from 5,200 meters to the summit. This glacier offers outstanding between 35 ° to 50 ° degree slope, requiring the mandatory use of crampons and ice axes, in addition to knowledge of driving techniques and self-arrest. In spring time you can find cracks, but most or all are saltables, so is recommended to carry an auxiliary rope (12-20 meters), and know their use in terms of securing, lifting and tieing.

By the hill position is very cold at night make between -14 ° and -24 °, so it is essential to have experience in height and bring warm good team.

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