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  • Ruta Chile Affiliate Program.

    While affiliate programs are not new, it is a good option for those who want to earn extra money on their blogs or websites. With Ruta Chile, you can get between 5% and 10% on tour, transfer and excursion commissions. Between 3% to 8% for the sale of packages and between 2% to 10% for the sale of hotels.

    How are percentages measured?
    The percentages vary, depending on the payment method of the client, if it is direct to the guide, credit card or paypal. Additionally, it increases depending on the number of referrals and monthly sales and mainly if they are own products.

    Why Ruta Chile?
    Although there are many companies that offer the same, Ruta Chile is a Wholesale Operator and we have direct integrations with the main brokers or market players, we also have many products and services that are our own and without intermediaries.

    How does it work?
    It's very simple, basically all you have to do is insert a link with an id which identifies them as affiliates, this link must be linked to any of our websites. / Main Spanish / Portuguese / English
    Each link that is made will be stored in a cookie with a duration of 3 days, so if the customer reserves within this period of time, you will get your commission.

    To start you have to register.

    When and how do I get paid my commissions?
    Commissions are paid month by month, once the passenger has performed the service or checked out of the hotel. This is to pay commissions on services paid, confirmed and performed.

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