Terms, policies and sale conditions

Terms, policies and sale conditions

Basic conditions
Reservations and purchases are managed by Ruta Chile, together with its service providers (branches, franchises, land tour operators, hotels, transportation and other services.) Rates and conditions may change without notice and are the sole responsibility of the services provider.

Rates and Taxes in Chile
Non-resident tourists in Chile performing hospitality reserves in Chile do not pay taxes if they pay in US dollars. Chile residents pay 19% tax or VAT in the final price of Hotels, Rent a Car, if I select as currency dollar navigation, the will assume system that you are not Chilean and must pay 19% VAT, which We will add in your account.
All excursions and transfers are all the discounts and taxes included

Payment Methods

1.- Credit Card:

If you send the credit card details, Ruta Chile proceed to make the reservation, in case we have the confirmation of or the reserved products we will charge the credit card sent. If availability or other factors did not have confirmation of the products reserved, no charge will be applied to your credit card.

2.- Current account deposits:

Once confirmed the service by our staff, must make the total deposit of services in the bank account that we will inform you. For this we will set a deadline or deadline for payment, if it does not do so on the date unilaterally agreed by Ruta Chile, the reservation may be void or available to other passengers.

Charges for cancellation of tourist services
Ruta Chile no efectuara ningún cargo adicional por anulaciones dentro de los plazos establecidos según los productos, estos varían según Hotel, Lugar, Excursion y otros. Puede ver las políticas de anulación en nuestro sitio web antes de realizar la reserva

Uses of Credit Card sent to Ruta Chile
All information provided by the client is strictly confidential and will only be used by Ruta Chile, in order to process bookings and payments for services no additional charges except for local taxes in Chile, described Rates and Tax in Chile
   If the products are not reserved will be made available no charge. All reservations are subject to availability

Claims and Returns
Except for extenuating circumstances, no refunds will be made for any service not received from the tour. Please check our Limit of Liability that appears on this page. In order for verifiable claims to be considered, they must be received in writing within 30 days after the end of the tour and must be accompanied by a documentation and / or statement from the Company that operates the Tour verifying the claim. No adjustment will be made for the non-use of food services and visits to places of interest. Ruta Chile will not accept responsibility for any claim that is not received within 30 days after the end of your tour.

Ruta Chile responsibility
Ruta Chile S.P.A. is a properly formed company, hereinafter Ruta Chile. Located in Santiago de Chile, specifically in Merced 32 - Office 60, commune of santiago, phone: +56 9 9544 4790, is an intermediary company of goods and / or services offered to its customers. Its job is to offer tourist services that provide the accommodations (hotels) and tour operators in case the services are not by own operation.

This company does not have, or assume control of, such suppliers and is not responsible and will not be responsible for any death, delay, loss, damage, injury, accident, terrorist acts or linked to checks for terrorist acts, natural catastrophes , Or any irregularity that the client or their belongings may suffer as a result of any event or through the negligence of an individual or company to whom the services were entrusted. This company reserves the right to accept or reject any entity or any of its services or products offered or to cancel or change any of these services if there is any cause that would harm this company. The approval and acceptance of the services offered by Ruta Chile will be linked to the acceptance of the conditions previously described.

Ruta Chile reserves the right to adjust prices in dollars without notice, to reflect fluctuations in the Currency Markets. Ruta Chile also reserves the right to withdraw a tour or part of it, make alterations in the itinerary when it seems necessary or convenient, refuse to accept or retain as a member of the tour any person at any time and hold the tour members responsible Any expense or loss caused by arrears or events beyond your control. The confirmation or payment of the cost of the tour constitutes the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions mentioned here and in the specific documentation prior to the tour of the passenger, including the Reservation Confirmation Form.

Exchange rates
The official types and forms of payment are American Dollars and Chilean Pesos, any other information mentioned in our website or our associated sites is referential

Reviews and Comments
Ruta Chile reserves the right to include comments and/or criticisms on the website of Ruta Chile and its associated sites. Without prejudice to the person who writes them and go to any of our website.

Use of Cookies and Sessions
Ruta Chile, stores information or Cookies in your system only in the reservation process and only the data of your reservations. Your personal information is deleted when you complete the purchase or reservation process, navigation cookies, such as places or cities that are of interest are stored for 20 days.

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