Chungara Lake

Chungara Lake

Information about Chungara Lake

Chungará Lake is part of the Lauca National Park and is located 192 km. Arica, 51 km. Putre. Has an area of 21.5 km2 and a maximum depth of 33m. Its main tributaries are the river and the river Sopocalane and Chungará.

The waters of the lake with very cold, so you can only take a quick bath. They are turquoise in them reflects the volcano Chungará.

At the site highlights the existing birds, characterized by species such as nandu or Suri, partridge puna, Chilean flamingo, guallata, Yeco, tagua giant condor and pallet boy duck. The mammals include guanacos, vicuña, llamas, alpacas, tarucas, cougars, foxes and vizcachas.

From the Chungará lake you can visit the village ofParinacota, which is 13 km. and where there is a beautiful church.

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