Lluta River

Lluta River.  Arica - CHILE

Lluta River. Arica - CHILE

Direccion: zona norte de la Region de Arica y Parinacota

The Lluta River, which in Aimara means slippery or smooth, is a river that is in the northern part of the Arica and Parinacota Region.

The Lluta originates at more than 3900 masl, at the confluence of the Caracarani creek and the Azufre river. Along 36 km, the Lluta goes in a southeasterly direction and then starts slowly turning westwards. The river, when descending towards the valley of Lluta, begins to penetrate in a canyon excavated by the channel in rhyolitic tuffs and other little cohesive sediments.

The mouth of the Lluta River generates one of the most important coastal wetlands in the north of Chile. It is characterized by a great diversity of fauna, mainly birds, harboring a large number of migratory species that depend directly on the wetlands for their survival .

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