Morro de Arica

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Visit the fascinating city of Arica on our city tour with a spectacular past that can be seen in its National Architecture and Monuments
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Morro de Arica. Arica - CHILE

Direccion: Morro S/N, Arica

The nose protects the city of Arica in the south. It has on top a plateau of about 500 meters along and its height exceeds 130 meters. Access to this bastion was extremely difficult because of the rugged terrain and by the existence of other defensive installations in their vicinity, particularly the forts of the East, Citadel and Morro Gordo.

During the Pacific War (1879-1883), Chilean troops were ready to conquer this challenge. Do was to consolidate an important strategic stronghold. The operation, headed by the distinguished Colonel Pedro Lagos, held on 7 June 1880.

The clash left a balance of 1,500 Peruvian soldiers dead. equivalent to 60 of the total contingent stationed there. One of those killed was the brave Colonel Francisco Bolognesi, Chief of the Plaza de Arica. Among the Chileans fell just over 10 of the 4379 soldiers who participated in the action. El Morro is today the most distinctive landmark of the city of Arica, and has a deeper meaning and dear to all Chileans. <

Was declared a national monument in 1971, as a historical site.

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