Geoglyphs Lluta

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From your accommodation enjoy the tour of the fascinating city of Arica with a past from which you can still appreciate its Architecture and National Monuments.

Arica City Tour + Azapa Archeology

A tour that shows the fabulous city of Arica and its archaeology, museums and villages. Entrance to the Valley of Azapa to reach the surprising panels of Cerro Sombrero ...
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Geoglyphs Lluta. Arica - CHILE

Direccion: 7 km. de Arica

It is located 13 miles northeast of Arica. In the Valley of Lluta group these works in panels projecting anthropomorphic representations (man and man giant Lluta boy) with a singular stylistic pattern.

The figure type is up to 50 meters long, has formal features stylized, head in profile, body and limbs from the front. Associated figures of llamas, cats, monkeys, frogs, eagles and others.

The prominent position of the human figure with the animals point out that these ideograms served as a communication system based on regional traffic between the coast and highlands.

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