Santiago s Post Office Building

Santiago Post Office Building. Santiago de Chile Guide.  Santiago - CHILE
Santiago Post Office Building. Santiago de Chile Guide.  Santiago - CHILE

Santiago s Post Office Building. Santiago - CHILE

Direccion: Plaza de Armas de Santiago
Phone: +56229565031

The post office building is a National Monument, in the category of historical monument. Along with the buildings of the Royal Court (Historical Museum) and the Cabildo (City of Santiago), set the north fa?ade of the Main Square of Santiago (plaza de Armas).
The Post Office is located at the corner of Cathedral and Bridge, built his house where the conqueror of Chile, Don Pedro de Valdivia in 1541. Subsequently built the Palace of the Governors, which from 1820 became the Palace of the Presidents of Chile. The original residence was built in 1712, under the colonial government of Juan Andres Ustariz.

In 1846, President Manuel Bulnes moved the residence of the presidents and the seat of government at La Moneda Palace, built by the architect Joaqu?n Toesca.

The building was used as headquarters for various services and institutions, until 1881, when it is damaged due to fire. The following year, building walls, the construction of the building for the Post Office. The work was carried out by the government architect Ricardo Brown.

In 1908, he became the facade that faces the Plaza de Armas, built by the architect Ram?n Mart?nez Fehrman. His three-storey project with mansard dome and replaced the head of the simple work of Brown, which retained its original design to Bridge Street.

In November 2005, completed the restoration of the building of the Post Office, after having another fire at its premises on the third floor.

The Museum
Postal Telegraph and The Museum opened its doors in 1949 as a result of the bill of Senator Maximiano Err?zuriz Mr Raul Valdes and Juliet Gomez, who was Postmaster General. From this position, Juliet knew about the work of postal officials and the importance of CorreosChile in communication and development.

The membership of our country to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), United Nations agency that coordinates postal official world, brought together large numbers of stamps began an interesting stamp collection.

Postal Telegraph and The Museum has been in various places, but since 2004 is located on the ground floor of the Post Office, a national monument in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago, in the heart of the city.

Has five exhibition halls
Sala Pedro de Valdivia
Allows it to understand the world through recreation of a main post office, set in 1910.

Post Room
Letters, envelopes, stamps and postmarks are melted in a process that gives life to the communications between people. These various elements that illustrate the fundamental role CorreosChile fulfilled in time.
Here is the Penny Black, the first stamp of England and the world, and the? Columbus 5 cents? First Chilean label.
Collection boxes have a central space, as it is a characteristic feature of the post.

Philatelic Hall
Philately or stamp collecting is an important activity of every post. The collection presents this chamber was formed from the beginning of the century with stamps, international agreements are the member countries of the UPU. Also found that the Chilean collection consists of approximately 2,300 units.

Telegraph Room
In 1837 Samuel Morse patented his electric telegraph and the alphabet of the same name, composed of dots and stripes. The first telegraph line was in Chile between Santiago and Valparaiso, in 1853. In recent years the coverage spanned virtually the whole country, linking towns and cities, providing national communications. This technology became the telegraph in an essential service.
Devices that are shown here correspond to different periods from 1853 to the transceiver called teletype informing Punta Arenas to Santiago, via radio waves between 60 and 70.
Postal and telegraphic services remained united until 1982, when it was the Post Office of Chile.

Gallery Temporary Philatelic Collection
The production of stamps in Chile and the world is substantial. This gallery presents temporary exhibits that account for Chilean and foreign postal series.

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