Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso

Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE

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Anibal Pinto Square in Valparaiso. Valparaiso - CHILE

Direccion: Valparaiso

The area declared a Typical Zone comprises the following buildings and the square of its environment: calle Almirante Montt N ? 2, Emerald Street No. 1118 to 1159; Plaza An?bal Pinto 1167 to 1199; Plaza An?bal Pinto N ? 1201 to 1207, and 1148 Condell Street to 1194.

During the colonial period the port of Valparaiso was not developed more. In the early nineteenth century there were several historical factors that drove the rise and development of Valparaiso, which resulted in a large urban sprawl. Saturated and ability level of the port, began to populate the hills, giving rise to the distinguishing feature of the city.

The geography of Puerto abruptly makes arteries converge in a real network of nodes, consisting of squares that make up the whole system of the lower area. Some of the most prominent are the Plaza de la Aduana, Echaurren, Sotomayor, and An?bal Pinto de la Victoria.

Plaza An?bal Pinto, formerly known as Plaza del Orden, took this name to commemorate the work of the President, who ruled the country between the years 1876 and 1881, leading the country during the war of 1879. The city of Valparaiso wanted tribute, putting his name to this city landmark.

Originally this was not the plateau we see today, but a canyon. Today the square and its surroundings, highly commercial, they retain the characteristics of the boom times of Valparaiso, the second half of the nineteenth century.

The old buildings that surround it have changed little, retaining structures and only minor changes are observed in them. Among the most important for its architectural features should be noted the building occupied by the Jacob House, "" Caf? Riquet, "the" Klickman Jewelry ", the" Optics Union ", the" An?bal Pinto Bakery "and" Bar Restaurant Cinzano.

All these constructions are reminiscent of the Victorian era or the classic American style, with them rise buildings of more recent construction. The harmony of the sector is enhanced by the magnificent Neptune Fountain, which was installed there in 1892, and which constitutes a great contribution to the environment that surrounds it.

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