Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

Information about Natural History Museum of Valparaiso

Direccion: Condell 1546, Valparaiso - See on the Map
Phone: +56 3 22544840

Created in 1878 by Eduardo de la Barra, Director of the Liceo de Valparaíso, based on minerals and national plants, which were classified and located in 2 halls of the lyceum. The Museum stood at the level of the best in South America, as witnessed by foreigners who visited Valparaíso and had the opportunity to meet him. The earthquake of 1906 caused the destruction and fire of the Museum. The pieces rescued from the fire were moved to Santiago and John Juger Silver, Head of the Botanical Section of the National Museum, was entrusted with the task of reorganizing it. In 1914, the Museum was reopened in a large house in Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, returning the city this important cultural establishment.

Archeology: It has 4 areas: Archaeological, Ethnographic, Anthropological and Bioanthropological.
Natural Sciences: Detail of the collections that we conserve in the area of ??natural sciences.
Bibliographical: Books, specialized publications and maps, among others, give life to this collection.

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