Ross Palace in Valparaiso

Ross Palace in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Ross Palace in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Ross Palace in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
Ross Palace in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE

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Ross Palace in Valparaiso. Valparaiso - CHILE

Direccion: Salvador Donoso 1337

Mrs. Juana Ross Edwards, owner of one of the largest fortunes in Chile at the time, built this mansion in 1888, to be home of his brother Don Agustin Ross. This important financier and politician lived here until 1914, the year that was based in Viña del Mar. After his death in 1926, the palace was acquired by Bank of A. Edwards, who in turn sold it to the German Club of Valparaiso, its current owner.

The German Club of Valparaiso was founded in 1838 and is considered the first institution of its kind in South America. It was created by the large German colony located in the Port since the beginning of the nineteenth century, with the express purpose of contributing to the maintenance of traditions and customs among the Germanic people of that origin of Valparaíso.

It is assumed that the building was designed by the architect Juan Eduardo Fehrman, author of other palaces and buildings to charities commissioned by doña Juana Ross Edwards. This is a large building, solid and balanced, and sober and elegant lines. With a symmetrical composition, Palacio Ross has features of the neoclassical style in its decoration, but as a whole is part of the eclectic architecture. Outside offers a rich ornamentation, represented by outgoing gateways, and elements that mimic whips and capitals. In access highlighted various ornaments: ornaments in relief, in vain to highlight certain volumes, porches and a window on a higher arc to illuminate the level of access.

The main facade, which faces the Brasil Avenue, has two bodies that make up an outgoing side central space, which on the second floor leads to a balcony supported by two columns with Doric capitals. The third floor is a mansard façade tejuelas covered with galvanized iron, with arched windows and ledges that give you great visibility.

In 1929 the Club commissioned the German architects office to conduct an expansion Anwandter onto Bellavista, it consists of two floors and is stylistically very well integrated into the building.

The building is well constructed, with stone foundations and masonry walls reinforced with steel beams. Both the structure of the roof of the Envigado floors are Oregon pine. The roof is covered with galvanized iron and exterior finishes are very good. On the inside, the stairs, the lining of the walls in wood, columns and the decoration in general, give the building an elegant and sober. The Park Avenue Brazil promotes and highlights the main facade of the mansion.

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