El Peral Lift

El Peral Lift

Information about El Peral Lift

Direccion: Plazuela Justicia, Valparaíso - See on the Map

It was built in 1902 and its first owner was the Company Elevator Cerro Alegre. Today belongs to the municipality of Valparaíso.

It lies between 10 and 40 meters above sea level, with a length of 52 meters and tracks a distance of 45 seconds. Communicates the Plazuela Justice (plan) with the Yugoslav Paseo, Cerro Alegre.

It lifts with Concepcion and Reina Victoria communicating the plan with the Valparaíso hills Alegre and Concepcion (typical areas), with in the beginning of services to foreign colonies established in these hills, and at present the sector, which is considered an educational center - tourism training.

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