San Pablo Anglican Church in Valparaiso

San Pablo Anglican Church in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
San Pablo Anglican Church in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE
San Pablo Anglican Church in Valparaiso.  Valparaiso - CHILE

San Pablo Anglican Church in Valparaiso. Valparaiso - CHILE

Direccion: Pilcomayo 566, Valparaíso
Phone: 56 9 5252 5397

The first Anglican chaplains began to travel occasionally to Valparaiso in 1837, to address the important British community resident in the port, mainly inhabited Alegre Hill and Cerro Concepcion. The prohibition of public worship for religions other than Catholicism, made it difficult to have regular church services and facilities to the dissidents. Only in 1865 the law was passed that allowed the interpretative private worship of religions other than Catholicism.

Thanks to economic migrants who are Protestants, and the gradual increase in tolerance among people and between authorities, the English colony in 1857 based in Valparaiso undertook the construction of a church, creating a huge controversy, because the initiative aroused rejection by some Catholic circles. This controversy was reflected in the architectural solution adopted, which is characterized by its discretion, lacking, for example, tower.

The construction of the church ended the year 1858. Its design is the work of English architect and engineer William Lloyd, who had come to Chile for the construction of railways in Valparaiso to Santiago. Over time new units were built, such as the Library and School, designed by the same architect, joined them in 1895, the construction of the Anglican Institute, according to the plans of the architect Livingstone.

Although the building has had almost no changes after the earthquake of 1906 the Church of St. Paul had to be repaired, the work that was commissioned Carlos Federico Claussen. In 1912 was repaired and decorated the Baptistery, acquiring the form and ornamentation that is present.

The style of St. Pauls Church is Gothic, as reflected in the spire with buttresses that divide the two modules side walls and lancet windows that open in each of these modules. The roof of the nave is the unique structure of wood in sight, which is a beautiful set of pointed arches, whose base is molded brackets. The roof of the building is covered with galvanized iron.

In 1903 the church was purchased for a body in time became the best of South America. This was designed by Craig Christie with the aim of perpetuating the memory of Queen Victoria.

The current state of conservation of the Church of St. Paul is good, the monument is located in a mainly residential area on one side adjacent to the promenade trees called "the seven seats."

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