Caburgua Lake

Caburgua Lake. Pucon - CHILE

Direccion: 22 kilómetros al oeste de Pucon

With 53 square kilometers, the appeal has warm waters and beautiful natural scenery in the background, where stand the Villarrica Volcano and luxuriant vegetation.

Its origin is volcanic and its beaches with calm and clear waters.
Nearby are water holes called Ojos del Caburgua.

Flora and fauna. Relief height and tranquil spas.

Recreational fishing, banana, sailing, swimming, flora and fauna contemplation, photography.

Ninth Region. Located 22 kilometers west of Pucon and 132 kilometers southeast of Temuco.

Overland by road between Temuco, Freire, Villarrica, Pucon and Lake Caburgua.

Temperate rain type. The rain held throughout the year and the temperature amplitude increases towards the interior. Frosts are common in winter.

Housing, food, entertainment.

Three beautiful protected areas frame the lake basin Caburgua. Al East National Park and National Reserve Huerquehue Hualalafquen, crowned by the snowcapped peaks of Sollipulli flashing on the horizon at sunset, and west Villarrica National Reserve, Sector Quiembre. Huerquehue National Park on Lake Tinquilco about 40 minutes, in height, lakes and lagoons of crystal clear waters shimmer between Araucaria forest green. From there you can see the river valley Pucon to the volcano Villarrica. And if you re lucky you ll see the majestic condors flying or currency culpeo one, a pudu, or the tracks of a cougar. Gaps and environmen Andean lakes fish, crustaceans and molluscs of interest, while, outside the undesirable consequences that generates proliferation in the native environment, wild boars and red deer in Europe have made their appearance.

The Mirror Lake in the northern sector of the lake, is a notable ornithological site. There are sighted local and migratory birds of passage, and together, all these niches preserve a natural diversity, increasingly rare and valuable among the many species that are already endangered.

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