Villarrica National Park

Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE
Villarrica National Park In Pucon.  Pucon - CHILE

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Volcanic Caves

Volcanic caves in Villarrica National Park is a very interesting place to visit since we can see the trace left by the volcano s lava, millions years ago.

Villarrica National Park. Pucon - CHILE

Direccion: 8 km al suroeste de Pucon

Villarrica National Park covers an area of 63,000 ha, most of this is in the Province of Caut?n, Communes and Curarrehue Pucon, a sector of the Province of Valdivia, Commune Panguipulli.

The topography is typical of the Andes, characterized by high peaks and valleys of land divided by steep slopes. The highest peaks correspond to the Villarrica volcano (2,847 meters) and Lanin (3,776 m)

Presents rains between March and August, ranging between 2,500 and 3,500 mm. The snowfall reaches 2 m. high. Between January and March, the minimum temperatures reached 9 ? C and maximum temperatures range between 20 ? and 23 ? C, average temperatures are lowest between May and August is 4 ? C.

Access roads
From Temuco (Route 5) by Freire-Villarrica-Pucon-Rucapill?n:
120 km, 1 hour 30 minutes.
From Temuco to Puc?n-Palguin Low-Hot Springs-Sector Palguin

150 km, 2 hours away.

From Puc?n-Curarrehue-Sector Puesco
56 kilometers, 1 hour 30 minutes.

Tourist Information
Management area:
The administrative headquarters of this national park is located in Pucon, OHiggins Street 1355.

Park Ranger Office:

Rucapill?n Sector: is located 8 km. Puc?n, Villarrica volcano road.

Quetrupill?n or Chinay Sector: is located at 36 km. Puc?n.

Puesco Sector: is located at 56 km. Pucon Curarrehue 25 and which is the nearest town.

Hiking trails

Sector Rucapill?n

Path "Volcano":

5 km. extension from the control booth, 8 hours round trip. Lake is noted Caburga, Calafqu?n and volcanoes Villarrica Villarrica, Snow, Sollipulli, Quetrupill?n, and Lanin.

Path the Craters:

8 km. extension, 6 hours round trip. There are Andean grasslands, volcanoes and craters.

Challupen Path:

15 km. outreach, day trip. You cover slag, views towards the lake and to Lake Villarrica Calafqu?n to the woods of Araucaria.

Path "to the snowy"

15 km. outreach, day trip. You reach the hill Chinay, skirt the center-the Park, through Andean grasslands, with a panoramic view towards the volcano Quetrupill?n, Caburga Lake and Lake Villarrica.

Path Champulli

length 12 km. Excursion for the day. Accessed by Rucatrehua along the southern foot of the Villarrica volcano, the path crosses creeks, forests of Araucaria and coigue.

Volcano Trail Quetrupill?n

15 km. , Long, day trip. Access is the southeast side of the sector, through forests of Araucaria and coigue to reach Quetrupill?n volcano, from where they visit the Blue and White lakes.

Sector Puesco

Path Pocitas

15 km. , Long, day trip. Accessed by Puesco High Quetrupill?n volcano, visited the lakes White and Blue Quetrupill?n volcano view, native forest, Lanin volcano, Devils Fang and small ponds of Mallin.

Momolluco Path:

15 km. , Extension for the day. It is accessed through Puesco High Momolluco along the river and toward the west slope of the volcano Mount Lanin.

Andean Lakes Trail

6 km. From the lagoon Quilleihue, day trip (3 hours). It is accessed through the international road to Argentina, bordering the lake are visited shed Quilleihue The Triplets, northern slopes of the Lanin volcano and lake Huinfuica and Escondido.
Path "Wildlife Center":
200 m from main road circuit, 30 minutes round trip. It borders Quilleihue lagoon, where there is wildlife in general and forest coigue.

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