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Information about Pucon

Pucon born of a military fort set up in 1883, treats today by many as the tourism capital of Chile. Its attractions, excellent hotels, the many activities that can develop, making it an excellent choice for those seeking peace, quiet and not get bored.

Besides this Pucon is considered the epicenter of world fisheries, which is why the fishing season, you can see a lot of tourists ready to break another world record.
History of Pucon

History of Pucon

In 1883, an outpost of the national army, commanded by Col. Gregorio Urrutia, came to these shores with a mission to pacify the place and make contact with its inhabitants. He is credited with the honor of being the founder of the commune. In the issue, also accompanied him Don Clemente Holzapfel, German citizen, father of the first mayor of Pucon, Don Carlos Holzapfel, who came with the troops and their mission was to supply food to the soldiers.

On this land were met by the Mapuche tribes, who were headed to the Cacique Pocollanca. Meeting at the site now occupied the main square of town, where they had built a military fort, held the first meetings of approach. It was on February 27, 1883.

Recommended Hotels in Pucon

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