Villarrica Volcano

Villarrica Volcano

Information about Villarrica Volcano

Direccion: Parque Nacional Villarrica - See on the Map

Altitude: 2847 m IGM
First Ascent: 1930 (William Pollak)
Geographic Position
Latitude: 39 ° 24 55 S
Longitude: 71 ° 56 15 O (PSAD 56)

Volcano 2847 meters high, is active and the crater is only 200 meters. in diameter, with a lava lake of 1,250 º C with permanent vents and covered by a vast glacier 40 km ² which is located at the northwest end of a remarkable volcanic chain along the volcanoes, El Mocho, Quetrupillánm Quinquilil and Lanin. Has 59 and the largest historical eruptions of this century were in 1908, 1920, 1948, 1949, 1963, 1971 and 1984-85.

There are volcanic caves, where you can display your physique, with an average length of 700 meters. that are enabled with light and steps for visitors to the traveling. They are associated with an information center and a cafeteria Volcanologico. You must cancel an entry and are open all year. The cave tour is done with specialized guides.
Beginning in 1990, is developing a ski resort in the foothills of Volcan.

Downtown Ski Pucón Chile, just 20 minutes from Pucón, provides an infrastructure for the practice of the Ski and Snowboard School and has 09 lifts, bar, cafeteria and restaurant, are 20 tracks for all levels, the main feature SIEDO power Skiing an active volcano

In April 1948 the volcano began to increase its activity, and in October came to a head with a big bang and the formation of a huge mushroom, while millions of tons of lava began falling invading reaching streams and lakes Villarrica (its level rose one meter) and Calafquén. Voip and Molco Alto, where indigenous communities resided, were most affected. The refuge of the Sky Club in the foothills of the volcano, was totally destroyed with two of his nurses inside. There were about 100 people were killed or missing and as many wounded.

In March 1964, this time in a violent manner, the volcano erupted Coñaripe plaguing the village. An avalanche swept over two hours, houses, hotels, livestock, crops, vehicles and machinery of this village inhabitants. Only two bodies, of the 22 reported victims were recovered. The whole area of Pucon and Villarrica was isolated.

In late December 1971, the Villarrica volcano caused the worst tragedy in terms of personal victims of that record. More than 200 dead and missing was the toll of death and destruction left by a flood of lava ten feet thick and 200 wide, which fell into the lake Calafquén sweeping everything in its path. Small towns like Coñaripe, Pocuro, Traitraico, Quilentué, Llauquén, Chaillupén and part of Llanahue Licanray and suffered its consequences. Pucon and Villarrica were overrun by a toxic cloud that made the air breathable. Thousands of people were evacuated.

You can know Villarrica Volcano in the following excursions


Volcanic caves in Villarrica National Park is a very interesting place to visit since we can see the trace left by the volcano s lava, millions years ago.


Conquer the high volcanic summit blessed with a spectacular panoramic view of the valley and of the numerous lakes in the zone.
07:00 hrs. We meet to go up to the ski center on the slopes of Villarrica Volcano at 1.400 mts above sea level, the right point where we will start a nice trek and admire the natural landscape of this imposing volcano and we will share a good time with our guide, all together.

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