Huerquehue National Park

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Huerquehue National Park Trekking

This park consists of 12,500 hectares of beautiful native vegetation, such as Araucaria, Huallas, lingual and tepa in addition to accommodate animal species characteristi ...

Huerquehue National Park. Pucon - CHILE

Direccion: Region de la Araucania

Huerquehue National Park is located in the province of Cautin Puc?n commune in the Andean foothills, east of Pucon. Its area is 12,500 ha.

Access Routes

From the city of Temuco, Freire-Villarrica-Pucon (Route 119 paved) on the road to the lake Caburga drifting towards Paillaco.-National Park, this road is 15 km. asphalt, 12 km. gravel and 7 km. of land. As the season of visits is seasonal (summer period). This route has a total 135 km.

From Loncoche-Villarrica-Pucon-Caburga Paillaco-National Park, is 109 km.

From International Mamuilmalal-Curarrehue step-Rio Turbio-Caburga-Paillaco-National Park, is 102 km.

From Temuco-Cunco-Lago-Lago Colico Caburga-baths Rio Blanco National Park is 120 km.

The roads are cleared for any vehicle and passes only in summer.

Tourist Information

Management Area:

is located 300 m. of the main entrees Park, 35 km. Puc?n and 145 of Temuco. Care activities of visitors in regard to education and nature interpretation are carried out from January to March from 08.00 to 20.00.

Rangers Office:

has a Rangers Office in the same area of administration in serving hour from 09.00 to 23.00 hours during the summer period.

Hiking Trails:

Pampas Quinchol:

Length: 4 km. uphill. Route 5 hours round trip travel.

The trail rises in the Visitor Center and ends in the plains of Mount Quinchol. Forests are visible, landscapes, lakes and Tinquilco Caburga and action of man, by the fires that occurred. It has a strong slope, so it is not recommended this tour to people of extreme ages, the movement is slow. Journey made only in summer. Educational Pathways

Three Lakes:

Extension 8 km. Departure from control booth. Walking time: 6 hours round trip, day trip, tour.

Features: Access to lakes Toro, Green and Chico. There are varied flora and fauna. It explains the process of formation of lakes. He is guided by a guardian and interpreter. Suitable for all audiences without extreme ages. It is passable only in summer.

  • ?irrico:

    Length 700 m. exit from care management. Journey time: 2 hours round trip.

    Features: Self-guided trail, with nine stations. It describes the arboreal vegetation, flora and fauna in general. Suitable for all audiences

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