Isluga Vulcano National Park

Isluga Vulcano National Park

Information about Isluga Vulcano National Park

Isluga Volcano National Park covers an area of 174,744 hectares and is located in the communes of Colchane Huara Camina and province of Iquique.

Altitude: 2100 to 5400 m.s.n.m.

Access Routes:

The park is accessible by Route A-16 which links the city of Iquique with the town of Humberstone (5 km. North of Pozo Almonte). Continue on Route 5 North, about 26 km. to the town of Huara, then continue on Route A-55 (paved road) to the northeast to the town of Colchane, over 180 km.

Tourist Information:

Management Area:

Located in the town of Enquelga, 228 km. the city of Iquique and 10 from the north entrance of the park.

hiking trails:

Sendero Laguna Arabilla

The length of the path is 600 m. and travel time to 30 minutes. It has 5 stations and lookouts, one of which can be reached by vehicle. It allows the observation of different ecological environments and plant associations such as Laguna Arabilla, Andean steppe, steppe and humid called.

In the lagoon you can see above Arabilla Chilean flamingo and a variety of bird species.

Path Isluga Pukará

The length of the trail is 3 km. Is demarcated by stones that rise in the road between Enquelga with Colchane and reaches the top of a hill, which can be seen the grandeur of the landscape.

Not recommended access to people who have shown symptoms of puna (altitude sickness).

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