Serrano lighthouse In Iquique

Serrano lighthouse In Iquique, Chile.  Iquique - CHILE
Serrano lighthouse In Iquique, Chile.  Iquique - CHILE

Serrano lighthouse In Iquique. Iquique - CHILE

Direccion: Avenida Jorge Barrera S/N

The lighthouse is located in Isla Serrano was built when the territory was under Peruvian sovereignty Iquique. Perus government ordered its construction in 1875, awarded the project and the French firm Fenestre Barbier.

Iquique Lighthouse stands on a rocky hill near the coast, reaching a height of 22 meters. The metal tower on which is the luminaire is cylindrical in shape and is supported by four iron braces. The lamp is accessed via a staircase cat that is inside the tower. Originally, the Lighthouse worked with oil, was provided with a rotation mechanism that allowed him to rotate 180 degrees, illuminating the spectrum. In 1918 the lighthouse was modernized incorporándosele a new combustion system based on acetylene gas. Was successively expanded its range of light, up to 15 nautical miles illuminate. Originally, powering their machinery operators, and later the signal was automated.

El Faro de Iquique played an important role as an aid to navigation, especially at the time that the nitrate boom has made this port one of the largest and busiest in the country. In 1946 the role of this lighthouse was overshadowed because of the coming into operation of a new signal at the tip of the port Molo warm. Today this luminary-well preserved thanks to the concern of the Lighthouse Service of the Chilean Navy, is a milestone of great historical significance.

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