Tiviliche Cemetery in Huara

Tiviliche Cemetery in Huara. Iquique - CHILE

Ester Tiviliche crosses the Pampa del Tamarugal allowing surrounding the practice of agriculture, which is facilitated by the proximity of the port of Pisagua. The farm belongs Tiviliche from the mid-nineteenth century to British interests in the nitrate industry, for whom the place was comfort and relaxation. Persists even grand house of finances, with its traditional English rural architecture.

The large population living between the English and Zapiga Huara, the remoteness of the port of Iquique and La Pampa in the absence of organized cemeteries led the British colony to establish a cemetery itself.

The cemetery was founded in 1876 and was located on the north side of the estuary, to cover about 3 square meters.

Is surrounded by an iron grate placed over a small stone wall stucco, whose barrontes ending in arrowheads.

The main access door is formed by a metal grid of cancellation of two sheets, on which a half point arch reads "British Cemetery. It currently contains over 100 graves, mostly British, with the last burial was made at the site in 1974. The graves are marked with iron crosses austere, stone and wood, the less are surrounded by fences.

Its location in this green enclave, which contrasts with the sterility and loneliness of the desert, accentuate the nostalgic nature of this cemetery, which perpetuates the memory of those who participated in the adventure of nitrate.

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