Nercón church in Chiloe

Nercón church in Chiloe

Information about Nercón church in Chiloe

It is located 4 kms. south of the city of Castro, commune of the same name, was declared a National Monument, in the category of historical monuments through the promulgation of Supreme Decree No. 422 of 1984.

The present building dates from the mid-nineteenth century, was completed in 1890. This church has received, on several occasions, external inputs for conservation. Stresses inside the image of San Miguel, carved from a single piece of wood.

It retains much of its Santeria, the sacristy and interior paints that mimic marble. Its tower has two octagonal drum and its spire is covered in shingles. The pillars are located on bases and has supported arches. The vault of the nave has an arch.

It is built in cypress and larch.