Achao Church

Achao Church

Information about Achao Church

Located in the Plaza de Achao Quinchao commune, was declared a National Monument, in the category of Historical Monument, 6 July 1951, Supreme Decree No. 5058.

The church led Achao chronological listing of Chiloé churches, is both its antiquity and by the work of their timber and ornamental motifs, the most valuable church throughout southern Chile.

It is the oldest wooden building that has survived in southern Chile, is also the only one that actually was built by Jesuit priests who performed the circular missions in the eighteenth century. Only the nave and the aisles dating from the eighteenth century.

The current tower would be the beginning of the twentieth century. Sober on the outside, but inside its vault caps carved and painted with patterns that play on altars, walls and pulpit. The columns are twisted and applied plant motifs, typical of the baroque. The altarpiece who chairs the nave presents a detailed and richly decorated clothing, which expresses, for example, in the paint that mimics a curtain. The floor pieces fit together, no nails, the structure is embedded with the beams.