Church of Adachildo Chiloe

Church of Adachildo Chiloe

Information about Church of Adachildo Chiloe

Located in the Town of Aldachildo, dePuqueldón commune, was declared a National Monument, in the category of Historical Monument on 10 August 1999, by Decree No. 222-free.

You ecclesial status chapel is believed to have been built in 1910. The interior features a vaulted blue sky dotted with hundreds of sparklers yellow.

Between the arches separating the nave from the aisles were painted red and yellow flowers, was built in cypress-lined coigüe and larch. It has a tower with two octagonal drums and octagonal spire.

Its pillars of a portico is supported in part bases and round arches and arched, with a pediment begun to overlap. Its central nave has a vaulted ceiling and arches and pillars in a column.