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Visiting Cusco is an unforgettable experience that allows uncovering some of the mysteries of the Incas, ancient capital of the Inca Empire maintains its proud walls and ...

Tambomachay. Cusco - PERU

Direccion: Cusco, Perú

Tambomachay in Castilian or Tampumachay (Quechua machay tanpu, resting place) is located around Cusco. It is an archaeological site that was intended for worship of water and the head of the Inca Empire could rest. This place is also called Inca Baths.

It consists of a series of aqueducts, canals and several waterfalls that run through the rocks. The amazing thing about this is that a main waterfall, the Incas created 2 secondary waterfalls, which are exactly alike. That is, if one places two empty bottles, one in each cascade, 2 are filled simultaneously.

Here there was also a kind of royal garden irrigation which came from a complicated system of channels specially made for such función.Así it was a zone of control people coming from Antisuyo, because there was no control tower.

Tambomachay is located 8 km. from the city of Cusco (15 minutes by car), and you can access the place with the service of taxis or buses, or if you prefer walking while you travel the city of Cusco. It must be taken into account that because it is an area above 3,700 meters above sea level, some visitors may be affected by altitude sickness; Take precautions with pills or coca tea.

Among its most important tourist attractions are the hot springs located 800 m from the village to which are attributed medicinal properties and that give name to it.

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