Koricancha - Temple of the Sun

Koricancha - Temple of the Sun. Cusco - PERU

He was one of the most vulnerable and respected temples in the city of Cusco, Peru. The enclosure of gold, as he was known, was a sacred place where homage is surrendered to the maximum Inca god Inti (Sun), so they could only enter fasting, barefooted and with a load on his back in humility, as he indicated by the high priest Willaq Umu.

The front was a beautiful wall from the finest stonework, decorated only by a continuous band of pure gold a palm high, three meters from the ground, and a roof fine and delicately cut straw.
Architectures overlapping of Coricancha, the Convent of Santo Domingo and the present. In one of the blocks of the second course three holes that could be used to evacuate the rain water in the inner courtyard, or output of chicha was offered as an offering are observed.

The stones that make up the temple have a slight padding on the sides that express the sober aesthetics of the building in the Inca Empire. Formerly there was no triangular atrium that serves as the entrance to the colonial church and the wall turned at right angles to the street Ahuacpinta (awaq Pinta), which still retains a section of the original wall of nearly sixty meters long. On the opposite side of this street, the wall is curved to turn over 90 degrees, and continues with a gentle curve that was cut during the construction of the temple. The crowning Qurikancha wall system platforms leading down to the river.

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