Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca

Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca. Pitumarca - PERU

Direccion: Región Cusco, entre los distritos de Cusipata, provincia de Quispicanchi, y Pitumarca, provincia de Canchis

The Rainbow Mountain in Peru, receives different names Mountain of Seven Colors, Mountain of Colors, Cerro Colorado, Vinicunca, Winikunka.

It has a maximum altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level and is located on the road to Nevado Ausangate, it is a unique place so if you are in the area we recommend you visit it.

The coloration of the mountain is unique, due to the minerals that can be found in this part of the Andes mountain range.
The tonalities of Blanco is due to the quartzose sandstone and marls, rich in calcium carbonate.
The Yellow is for the calcareous sandstones rich in sulfur minerals.
The green, is by the compound of filitas and clays rich in ferro magnesiano.
The pink color of owes to the red clay, fangolitas (mud) and arilitas (sand).
The red is composed of the clay (iron) and clays belonging to the upper tertiary, present in large quantities in almost the entire Cordillera de los Andes.
The earthy coffee is a product of a fanglomerate composed of rock with magnesium belonging to the Quaternary era.

How to get to Monta?a Arco?ris, Vinicunca
By Bus: From the city of El Cusco, there are 2 companies that travel to Pitumarca, the trip takes about 3 hours

By Car: From Cusco, travel to Pitumarca (approximately 1.5 hours)

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