Puca Pucara

Puca Pucara. Cusco - PERU

Puca Pucara (Quechua: Puka Pukara, Red Fort) is a military construction located near Cusco, Peru. This strength is composed of large walls, terraces and staircases and was part of the defensive group of Cusco in particular and the Inca Empire in general.

In the field of archaeological buildings near the capital of the extinct empire, visiting this town. Puca Pucara named in Quechua, "red fortress" because of the red acquired by rocks during twilight.

Puca Pucara is another example of military architecture also worked as an administrative center, and invites us to walk the sidewalks, superimposed terraces, stairways and passages through which transited mythical characters of the Inca empire.

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