Qenqo. Cusco - PERU

Qenqo is an archaeological center located in the Sacred Valley, 6 km. Cusco city (5 min. to the northeast of Cusco), Peru to 3580 meters. It consists of two places: the Great, who is at the foot of the road from Sacsayhuaman to Pisac; and Chico, which is 350 meters west of the above, on the hillside. This shrine is located on what today is called the Socorro hill and covers an area of ??a little square over 3,500 meters. In the Inca Empire was another center dedicated to the rite and are of particular interest its semi circular amphitheater and its underground galleries.

The original name of this shrine is not known, the Spanish conquistadors gave the name of Qu`enko, the Quechua word that means "maze" by the underground galleries and maze shaped by small channels carved on rocks in the form zigzag.

This monument was qualified as an amphitheater, it has a semicircular construction. Actually, the purpose of this construction, which may well be used as an altar, a court or a tomb is ignored. Presumably that was one of the most important shrines that were in the empire.

It is also the maze with zigzag channels and move the center stone against which may or worshipers of the sun god Inti and the earth goddess Pachamama or prostrated themselves attractive.

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