Main Square

Main Square. Lima - PERU

The main square of Lima is the main public space of the city, located in the historic center of the city, its surroundings we can find the same as in almost all the cities that were colonized by the Spaniards, such as The Government Palace, The Archiepiscopal Palace, The Cathedral and the municipality among others.

In 1523 King Charles I of Spain, dictated the ordinances of the foundations for the cities of the new world. . In them it was indicated that, after drawing the plane of the city to be founded, this had to be distributed to string and rule in the form of a grid from the location of the Plaza Mayor so that the city can always expand. In the refoundation of the city, on January 18, 1535, the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, in accordance with the aforementioned practice, planted in the center of the site destined to be Plaza Mayor the scroll or pillory (high wood that served as a column for the execution of the condemned).

Later Pizarro along with Nicolás de Ribera, Captain Diego de Agüero and the pilot Francisco Quintero traced the grid of the city, the streets and blocks. Each block had four lots. Pizarro, taking advantage of his status as founder and governor, was awarded the entire block located on the north side of the square, between it and the river Rimac. The northern lot on the eastern side of the plaza was destined for the priests house, the southern lot on the same side for the construction of the church and the northern lot on the western side was used as a town hall, with the other blocks being distributed among the conquerors

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