Museum and Library General San Martin

Museum and Library General San Martin Mendoza, ARGENTINA Museum and Library General San Martin.  Mendoza - ARGENTINA

Museum and Library General San Martin. Mendoza - ARGENTINA

The Public Library "General San Martin" was born thanks to the cultural impulse that our country lived in 1820. Among men who participated in this gestation the figure of General Jose de San Martin highlighted, along with other military of Independence and some citizens enrolled in the ranks of rivadavismo (Presidency of B. Rivadavia 1826-1827). They were supporters of the Enlightenment.

In this ideological context it arose the need to create the "Company Mendocina Library". Its regulations (enacted on March 11, 1822) reflected the desire to create a public library to disseminate "useful knowledge". He was appointed first secretary of the agency, Agustin Delgado, and July 9, 1822, the Mendoza Library opened its doors to the community.

Currently it is the only character Provincial Public Library and operates under the purview of the Ministry of Culture, as a democratic institution to provide efficiently and without any discrimination, all existing information.

It is always our responsibility to implement the right of citizens to have access to knowledge and information. The mission remains, but what necessarily change is how. Following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Culture of the Province of Mendoza, we are working to intervene in the prevailing inequality, which in this case occurs between those who can buy books or install Internet and those without. And federalize leads the library beyond the historic Alameda. Therefore provide quality services means to modernize, provide the library as a "bridge" between citizens and the best information, opening more spaces for our different cultural, educational and artistic expressions.

Customer service: Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 19:30 pm. closed Saturdays and Sundays. Remedios Escalada de San Martin 1843, Mza. 0261- 4231674.

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