Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

Information about Humboldt Penguin National Reserve

Direccion: Limite entre las regiones de Atacama y Coquimbo. - See on the Map
Phone: +56 (2) 2663 0000

The unit involves three islands: Choros y Damas, located at the northern end of the IV Region, and Chañaral de Aceituno, located in Region III.

The total area of the reserve is 859.3 hectares, of which belong to island Chañaral 507.3, 291.7 to Isla Choros and 60.3 to the Island Ladies.

Access Routes

From Serena advance on the road 75 km. to the turnoff leading to the village of Los Choros. From here, walk 45 km. by dirt road, which in its last 5 km. going through a difficult transition dune.

Navigating Damas Island is the responsibility of the visitor, may engage the services of transfer to the fishermen of Caleta Punta de Choros.

Tourist Information:

Management area:

It is located in the Caleta Punta de Choros. Here visitors will find information about the unit and parking.

It is located on one side of the Administration of Environmental Information Center, where you can watch and learn of the characteristic species of the Reserve.

Special recommendations:

Do not throw garbage on the island

Do not destroy vegetation

Do not turn off the wildlife sector

We recommend the use of sunscreens to prevent skin burns.

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