Building Isabel Bongard

Building Isabel Bongard. La Serena - CHILE

Direccion: Calle Amunátegui 851

Preceptor of the Normal School of La Serena was founded in 1874, to train primary school teachers. Since its inception, received many German and Chilean experts, who tried to instill in future teachers teaching methods in vogue in Europe, within a secular and scientific. Isabel Bongard, educator of German origin, was appointed in 1890 by the government of José Manuel Balmaceda to handle the management of the establishment, and it gave a stamp of quality and progressive future that marked the history of the establishment.

Normal School operated in various buildings until 1912 when it launched today a national monument. The building is a symmetrical two-volume levels, around a central structure for access. Its plant is build around two courtyards side. Its facade of classical influences, is characterized by depressed arches and the stonework of the walls. Construction is of brick masonry, which looks especially in the treatment of the arches, and structure of oak with adobe on the second level, the structure of the roof and doors, windows, floors and heaven is pine Oregon. The style of the building is neoclassical, with elements of American colonial architecture.

On the second floor were the bedrooms of many more than two hundred students, who studied with an internship, and the campus chapel. The first floor was the hall, covered with fine wood, where there were gym classes, graduation ceremonies, etc.. Behind this room was the music room, in the south wing and the kitchen. On the first floor rooms are also the most interesting of the establishment: the science lab, with curious implements, and the great library. In the western sector was operating a school applications, primary school, which served as the place of practice and observation for future educators. The building was surrounded by a beautiful garden where they grew cherimoyas, apricots and plums, and a park with palm trees, cypresses and banana East.

In October 1988, a fire destroyed much of the second floor. The University of La Serena, current owner of the property, the deaf ear to calls for its demolition, and made a successful restoration of the building, which is currently in use.

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