Austral road

Austral Road Guide, Path to Cerro La Bandera

Information of Path to Cerro La Bandera

The path to Cerro La Bandera allows you to walk past Caleta Tortel footbridges, which join all sectors with boards and cypress trunks, reaching the viewpoint that allows you to see all Tortel Cove and its surroundings.

To get to this path, you must take the walkway from the parking area, in the opposite direction to the classic descent to the cove, you will pass to the side of the gym and school and begin an ascent by footbridges in very good condition. In the upper part of this walkway you will have an excellent view of both the cove and the mouth of the Baker River and the airfield, located to the north.

We recommend shoes with a good sole, because with the rains, the wood becomes very resinous.