Austral road

How to get to the Austral Road?

How to get to the Austral Road?

From Puerto Montt: The route from Puerto Montt stands out for its people and its long voyages, if we start from this city, the first thing we will see will be many villages and houses around the road, this is because this near Puerto Montt and these people live in the periphery, but as we move into the road we begin to see fewer houses and more trees, until we reach Caleta la Arena, where we will take our first ferry (Caleta Arena Ferry - Puelche).

From Quellon (Chiloe): For those who are traveling the magical island of Chiloe and want to continue their journey along the Carretera Austral or return to Puerto Montt through the Carretera Austral, we inform them that there are ferries that make the Chiloe - Chaiten route, you have to be especially careful as it does not leave every day and the trip takes approximately 4 hours (depending on weather conditions)

From Esquel (Argentina): If you are in the south of Argentina (Bariloche, El Bolson, Etc.) and want to be part of the Carretera Austral, it is possible to do it by land from the city of Esquel in Argentina, here will arrive (after customs) to Futaleufu, which is a beautiful city known worldwide for its river that is suitable for rafting and kayaking.   

From Coihaique: This alternative has become very popular, for those who want to start from further south, since in Coyhaique is near Balmaceda airport and it is possible to get there by plane. It is important to remember that if you want to rent a car in high season it is very difficult since the demand is high and the available vehicles are few.

From more to the South: It is impossible, since it is cut naturally, because there is born Campo de Hielo Sur.