Austral road

Austral Road Guide, Futaleufu

Information of Futaleufu

Futaleufu is 156 km from Chaiten and 10 km from the border with Argentina, in which the city of Esquel in Argentina is the closest town.
The name FutaleufĂș comes from the mapudungĂșn that means big river.
It is a commune located in the Los Lagos Region in the Chilean Patagonia, characterized by its river of the same name FutaleufĂș that is world class for sports such as rafting and kayaking.

The main economic activities of this town are livestock, forest products and tourism, the latter has been defined as the main axis of development for the future due to the variety of natural attractions among which are: the FutaleufĂș River, the lakes EspolĂłn, Lonconao, Noroeste, Las Rosas and the lagoon Espejo.

How to get to FutaleufĂș
By car:
From Puerto Montt, it is necessary to take 2 barges, in hornopiren and in Hualaihue, which are part of the Austral highway, with this we reach Chaiten and from there it is a beautiful dirt road to FutaleufĂș

In Bus:
There are buses from Puerto Montt to FutaleufĂș that go through Argentina (to avoid the barges that are expensive.

By plane:
From Buenos Aires to Esquel and from there are 15km in Automovil or Bus.
From Puerto Montt, there are small planes that travel directly to FutaleufĂș.