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Austral Road Guide, Hornopirén

Information of Hornopirén

Hornopirén, is a small town adjoining the Hornopirén National Park , distant 109 kilometers from Puerto Montt , and capital of the municipality of Hualaihué, Province of Palena. "The North Gate of the Austral Route", as its inhabitants call it.

Of peaceful life and endowed with the minimum necessary infrastructure to attend the tourist, which during the summer increases the population ostensibly. The name of the town since its origin is Río Negro, but in view of the fact that there are many villages called this way in Chile, it was spontaneously adopting the name of its volcano ( Volcano Hornopiren ) at whose feet this town is located.
To access the commune of Hualaihué from Puerto Montt it is necessary to travel along the Carretera Austral and board a ferry in Caleta La Arena, which in about 30 minutes of navigation crosses the Reloncaví estuary, reaching Caleta Puelche, where the commune begins and the road is reborn.

Hornopiren Maritime Route - Gonzalo Cove
To continue the Carretera Austral from North to South, it is necessary to take a ferry between Hornopirén and Leptepu, this trip takes approximately 4 hours and you must make your reservation in advance.
Navigation is through the Comau Fjord, which receives the waters of the Vodudahue River. Once in Leptepu, you must make a trip by land of 10 kilometers to Caleta Fiordo Largo, from where another ferry will take you to Caleta Gonzalo, on a 45-minute trip across the Reñihue fjord.

Schedules change according to season, but departure is at 09:00 am or at 10:30 am. and the values fluctuate between $ 47,000 to $ 54,000 per automobile, passengers pay between $ 7,800 to $ 8,900 per person.
For more information, rates and reservations, visit the page of the maritime operator that is Transportes Austral -

Recommendations for the section Hornopirén - Caleta Gonzalo
-Requires advance purchase of tickets
- Presentation on the ramp is requested two hours before the trip
-The route does not have a telephone or internet signal
-It is allowed to take food, using the areas established for consumption.

In Hornopirén there are no banks, ATMs, pharmacies, financial or hospital. It has basic public health care, police officers, vulcanizations and service stations.


It is the administrative capital of the commune. From here you can visit the Hornopiren Volcano (1,572 mts.) And other places of attraction like the National Park and Hornopiren Chaqueihua sectors, and Pinchaco Cholgo. There are various camping areas and cabins embedded in beautiful places in the area.