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Austral Road Guide, Marble chapels

Information of Marble chapels

The Marble Chapels in the Region of Aysen, has various local names such as Marble Cathedral, Marble Chapel and Marble Cavern.
The Marble Chapel, are located within the General Carrera Lake National Reserve, whose objective is to protect this interesting formation.

Formation of Marble chapels
For thousands of years the waters of Lake General Carrera eroded the coast leaving exposed calcium carbonate formations.

How to get to the Marble Chapels
The only way to get there is by boat, by navigation.

From Coyhaique:
From the city of Coyhaique, take the Carretera Austral or Ruta 7 for approximately 210 kilometers to the town of Puerto Tranquilo or Puerto Rio Tranquilo, here it is necessary to take a boat (reservation required) and embark for about 30 minutes.
We have daily tours that depart from Coyhaique, it is necessary to book in advance.

From Puerto Tranquilo:
Take a boat for around 30 minutes