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Three kilometers from Caleta Tortel, at the mouth of the Baker River, the 39 hectares corresponding to Isla de los Muertos are located.

Here, a very unusual ecosystem is generated, corresponding to three terrestrial biomes: mixed coigüe (Monte Arboreo Perennifolio), ñire (Arboreal Biota Caducifolio) and mallín (Herbaceous Steppe Biome), together with a varied fauna of its own and banks of two species of mollusks from freshwater in danger of extinction, Diplodon diplodon and Chilina, which gives the place a high scientific interest.

Isla de los Muertos corresponds to the oldest site with western constructions in the Region of Aysén. In its area of ??approximately 248 m² are 33 wooden crosses, which would be vestiges of a series of individual tombs dating from 1906. The niches would correspond to the bodies of about 120 workers of the Baker Exploiting Company. Although there is no official version of the reason for the deaths, there are several theories. The first and best known is that they were deaths caused by the scurvy epidemic.

Since 2001, this place has been protected as a National Monument.