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Austral Road Guide, San Rafael Lagoon - National Park

Information of San Rafael Lagoon - National Park

The San Rafael Lagoon National Park covers an area of 1.742.00 hectares and is located on the coast of Aysen, occupying part of the peninsula Taitao, plus a large continental area at the height of the Gulf of penalties. Located in the province of Aysen Aysen commune, province of General Carrera, town of Chile Chico, Province of Capitán Prat, a commune of Tortel and Cochrane.

Access Routes
Air: 1 hour 30 minutes (from Coyhaique)
Maritime: 16 hours (from Puerto Chacabuco)

Tourist Information
Management area:

The Park administration is located on the west bank of the Laguna San Rafael, in the area of the Salton River (river IGM Quiet in letters to 1,500 and 800 meters from the pier at Swan Puntilla and the runway, respectively.

Office and day care: in sector geese Laguna (Laguna San Rafael).

Hiking trails
Path from the pier, in the Swan lace up the glacier San Rafael with a total length of 5,500 m. about communication to all units and installations in the sector. On the way there are two facilities with restrooms, the access control booth at Puntilla and Nursery Swan Lake geese sector. This trail, as well as access to the base of the San Rafael Glacier, crosses the evergreen forest, allowing product to observe the vegetation succession of receding ice.