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Bariloche Argentina is the most populous city in the Patagonian Andes. It is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, southwest of the province of Black River, near the Andes, on the southern shore of Lake Nahuel Huapi, 832 km from Viedma.

Nature reserves, including lakes, forests and mountains, and its outstanding ski resorts are the main attraction and economic livelihood of this city. The city has been considered by some sources as the second ski destination worldwide

The term is derived from Bariloche mapudungún where VURI word meaning "behind" lof is "hamlet" and che is "people", 3 which according to the traditional interpretation would be "people who live on the opposite side of the ridge ".4 This name gave the Mapuche living in the western side of the Andes, in what is now Chile, a bias of the original inhabitants who lived on the eastern side of the Andean chain were also Mapuche. The latter is inferred by the Mapuche name of one of their chiefs: Manquehunai (Friend Condor).
History of Bariloche

History of Bariloche

When I finished the nineteenth century, the Antemil cacique with his people still lived on the south coast of Limay. Loncón also cacique, lived near the Paca-Leufú stream.
In the corner arm were Antonio Millaqueo, who served on the Commission on the Limits as baquiano and father.

Nasario Lefipán and his wife Carmelita Quidulef were the first inhabitants of what is now San Carlos de Bariloche.

From US Jarred Jones came to settle in the vicinity of Fort Chacabuco and from southern Chile Tauschek German José, Jorge and Carlos Huber Whiederholdt. Enrique Neil, George and Ralph Newbery, Spaniards Fermin Salaberry, Manuel Domínguez are some more names I could mention, others were not recorded by history, but together were giving life to a town that eventually became what we see today.
Jarred Jones, arrived from Texas, was installed in 1889 in the vicinity of Fort Chacabuco. After working a while trafficking cattle to Chile, decided to establish a farm on land that had previously belonged to Modesto Inacayal (until the cacique was taken prisoner in 1884 and his people evicted). Along with Neil Henry, a compatriot, put a general store in the birth of Limay. The Perito Moreno F., who enjoyed the hospitality and cooperation of the US in their campaigns, interceded in return for the government granted 10,000 hectares Jones had requested that this purchase. In 1908, with the title in hand, Jones held the first fence. George Newbery and his wife Fanny Taylor settled around 1894 east of Lake Traful where they founded the Estancia La Primavera devoted to livestock and logging.

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