Sara Braun Palace, Braun Menendez Museum

Sara Braun Palace, Guide Attractions and Hotels in Punta Arenas. Punta Arenas - CHILE

Sara Braun Palace, Braun Menendez Museum. Punta Arenas - CHILE

Direccion: Hernando de Magallanes 902
Phone: +56 612242049

The Sara Braun palace is perhaps the most distinctive building in the city of Punta Arenas. Its environment Muñoz Gamero Square and beautiful buildings that surround the palace-lets look all its splendor and refined beauty. Because of its history, the building evokes all the hard-working immigrants who shaped the prosperity of this southern town.

The family of Elijah H. Braun, composed by him, his wife and his children Sarah and Mauritius, arrived in Punta Arenas from the Russian Empire in 1873, as part of a policy of encouraging European immigration driven by the progressive governor Oscar Viel. Sara was married in 1887 with Portugal Jose Nogueira, then the most prosperous businessman Punta Arenas, who had built a fortune based on shipping, the sea lion hunting and sheep farming. At his death in 1893, Sara moved to manage this heritage, which greatly increased.

Sara Braun chose to design your home to the French architect Numa Mayer, who drew up the plans according to the canons of taste prevailing at the turn of the century Paris. The building is neoclassical and generous ornamentation. His exuberance contrasted with the simplicity of the private homes of the city at that time. The house is two stories high, was built in concrete and brick on stone foundations. The truss of the roof is of wood, covered with galvanized iron textured scales.

The main façade has a portico with columns to excel on the second floor creates a terrace bounded by balusters. On the west, construction has attached a beautiful winter garden, metal structure. To the east, a large bow window extends to the park surrounding a spacious music room. The four corners of the roof are topped by holding tails mansard windows of lavish ornamentation. Inside the building, where he currently works in the Union Club and the Hotel Jose Nogueira, preserves part of the original furnishing is refined.

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