Possession Island Lighthouse

Possession Island Lighthouse. Punta Arenas - CHILE

Like the lighthouse that stands at Magdalena Island, which illuminates the surroundings of Cape Possession was designed and built by engineer George Slight, as part of a policy to implement the crucial maritime signals crossing the Strait of Magellan. Its construction took place between 1897 and 1900.

The tower that holds the torch of Cape Possession, whose scope range is 10 nautical miles, has a height of 11 meters and materials were stone and cement. The lamp worked with paraffin gas. Like others in the area, the Lighthouse at Cape Possession is attached to a house room, about 300 square meters, with a light interior courtyard, whose units are distributed symmetrically around the tower. Its thick walls, 40 centimeters thick, were built with a mix of concrete, rock and coal coke, with an iron mesh. This house room hosted by manning the lighthouse until 1955, when the signal was automated.

Along with providing very useful to navigation, lighting up this access to the Strait, the lighthouse is a landmark of great scenic attraction. Cape Possession, which borders the bay of the same name in the east, is the highest cliff in the chain of undulating profile that forms this stretch of coastline. Falling directly into the sea from a height of 80 meters. His whole face has deep vertical cracks, resulting in a unique play of light and shadow.

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