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Puerto Varas Guide, Puntiagudo Volcano

Information of Puntiagudo Volcano

In the Cordillera de Los Andes, on the west side of the Vicente PĆ©rez Rosales National Park, at the northern end of the tenth region of Los Lagos is the Puntiagudo Volcano, which, as its name implies, is characterized by its steep tip.

Called by Fray MenƩndez as Vanhuenmedi or Vanguenma (1791) it was the DequiƱcheu volcano of the Huilliches or Tripaicura of the Araucanians. It is 2490 meters high above sea level. Its base is constituted by a mantle of basalt, symmetrically torn by eruption crevices. From the center of the summit rises a sharp diabatic tip, fluted, a screw and in the form of an oblique dark gray staircase. Towards the west, south and east five glaciers that descend to the wooded region and that end at 2,000 meters in height are more or less lost in the jungle.

To access this volcano there are two routes; the first begins in the Puntiagudo Valley and the second begins in the southeast of Lake Rupanco. Both routes require knowledge of mountaineering therefore they are not appropriate for all public.

The main recreational and sports activities that can be practiced in the surroundings of the Puntiagudo volcano are treeking or hiking, horseback riding through the nearby rivers, mountaineering in the same volcano, bicycle rides, mountain biking, kayaking in the adjoining rivers and in the Rupanco lake, rafting, picnic, flyshing and recreational fishing, skiing at La Picada refuge on the slopes of its Osorno peer, contemplation of flora and fauna and photography.