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Information of Waterfall of petrohue

The Petrohue Falls is a beautiful waterfall of the Petrohue River, which is the drainage of Lake Todos los Santos

The Petrohue Falls are approximately 50 km away. from the city of Puerto Varas. To get there, it is necessary to go around Llanquihue Lake, which makes it a very popular trip for people visiting the cities of Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas. It is inside the Vicente Perez Rozalez National Park.
is characterized by its multiple waterfalls and the nature that surrounds it.

How to get to the Petrohue Falls?

By Bus: From Puerto Varas you have to wait for a bus at the corner of San Bernardo St. with Walker Martinez coon direction to the city of Ensenada / Saltos del Petrohue are several bus suppliers the value is around $ 3,000 or USD $ 4.5 per stretch, although it is the cheapest option, it is also the longest option, since being a bus route, it stops at all stops and can be delayed almost Double as a tour or by car.

In Automobile: Take the road that goes from Puerto Varas to Ensenada (approximately 46km) and then take the detour to Los Saltos del Petrohue, Lake Todos los Santos, this is a gravel road around 10 km.

On Tour: Our excursions leave every day, with the professionalism and seriousness that we have always shown.

Even so, we believe that the trip, just to visit the Saltos del Petrohue is a little inefficient, since in the surroundings there are very nice places, which can be complemented with our tours, such as:
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