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Information of Schneider Museum in Puerto Varas

This museum is located in Calle La Paz, in a short passage of this street assigned the number 413, close to the center of Puerto Varas, next to Hotel Patagonico.

This museum is unique, and offers the visitor of an exhibition that includes collection of notes and coins in Chile, Inca and Spanish that circulated in Chile, hand coins, utensils and tools of German colonization in the area.
Stresses the room that recreates life huilliches Indians of this area, tools, weapons, and other artifacts realize the original inhabitants of Lake Llanquihue.
His visit is conducted by a person who will tell you the history of the area, as well as that of their landscapes, so that tourists understand the beauty of this region, all accompanied with background music

This particular museum is open during the season from December to March.