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Without realizing the painter Pablo Fierro Puerto Montino doing a kind of natural heritage record of the Tenth Region. If because 20 years ago he began to paint the oldest houses and characteristics of German colonization. But it was not intentional, but rather a set of destination. "I would say it was rather spontaneous. Because everything started in 1989, when I prepared some drawings for my first exhibition. There was everything from birds to still lifes and a couple of houses I did to complete the room. All the days went by, when I went home, and my attention. "
The Drew and ended up in one of the walls of the Hall Diego Rivera in Puerto Montt, causing such admiration that caused some kind of communication with the public who visited the show.

"It was funny because the people who came and looked at things immediately recognized them and began to talk and swap stories about the construction. Things produced some participation of people and touched that happens to everyone who came to the exhibition had something to do with things. "
To date over 300 pinto and houses of Valdivia, Osorno, Frutillar, Puerto Varas, Puerto Octay, Puerto Montt and other towns in the region under a strong influence of German colonization, so much so that now and specializes in old houses .

People who see my work as well as comment, gives me data where other houses are located, they know they belonged to a relative. "