Alerce Andino National Park

Alerce Andino National Park

Information about Alerce Andino National Park

Located on the Sound and the Firth of Reloncaví mountainous area south of Lake Chapo is located in the province of Llanquihue, Puerto Montt and communes Cochamó. It has an area of 39,255 hectares.

Access Routes

Park is reached by the V-65 route between Puerto Montt-Correntoso-Lago Chapo, a distance of 46 km. From the village of the childcare Correntoso Park is 2.5 km.

40 km. Puerto Montt on the Southern Highway, skirting Reloncaví is located Lenca, place from which rises a penetration road that goes into the Park for Chaicas River Valley, to Laguna geese at a distance of 15 km. The road is passable only to four wheel drive vehicles. At km. 7 is the nursery located in the sector.

Tourist Information

Office rangers

The park has four kindergartens located in Correntoso, Sargassum, in the area of Lake Chapo and Chaicas River Valley. The nursery Correntoso is occupied by a ranger. In the nursery River Valley Chaicas presence and surveillance remains an additional rangers. Works in the nursery Sargazo another.

Camping Areas:

Camping Area Correntoso
access is located in the Park from Correntoso. It has 5 units that have inn, stove and trash.

Hiking trails

The park has a trail network of major interest areas that provide insight into primitive and beautiful forests and lakes. The trails are suitable for backpackers and other visitors who have good physical condition. The main sections are:

Correntoso-Rio Pangal

Length: 3,200 m. Approximate route: between 130 minutes to 2 hours.

Pangal-Refugio Rio

Length: 2,100 m. Approximate travel 45 to 60 minutes.

Cold Lake-Laguna Sargazo

Length: 4,500 m. Approximate route: 3 hours.

Saltos Rio Chaicas

Length: 500 m. Approximate travel time: 20 minutes.

Laguna-Laguna Triangle Chaiquenes

Length: 3,000 m. Approximate route: 2 hours.

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